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Your own diary or personal soapbox  – a great place to keep and share stories, articles or your thoughts and ideas. This can include pages and blog style posts.

Setup cost

Your own diary or personal soapbox  – a great place to keep and share stories, articles or your thoughts and ideas. This can include pages and blog style posts.

Setup cost
Ongoing monthly rate
Package Includes
Simple Web Design
Mobile-friendly Design
Website Security
Three-page Setup
Blog-styled Posts
Privatized Site

Monthly hosting is billed every 6 months through Paypal.


Once your website is live and billed for, any further amendments will be invoiced for through the time it takes to complete said amendment. Our rate is £5 every quarter-hour and will be included in your next invoice.

Setup cost
Ongoing monthly rate
Additional Services
Contact Form
FAQ Section
Private Site
Content Creation
Additional Pages
Slideshow Images
Logo Design
Gallery Feature

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Our FAQs

Presale Questions

We are happy to give you a call and discuss our services. IoM.me is run as an online business without the need for full-time sales staff and a public office. This really helps keep our costs down and makes IoM.me affordable. We are happy to call you at a mutually agreeable time and discuss your needs. Please contact us here to request a call back

A website is an important asset to have as it gives validity to your business, acts as a place of information to point people towards and as a way to contact you.

IoM.me is a WordPress based platform that is manually managed. Each package has its own IoM.me based theme which is then customised to meet your needs. This makes it both quicker and easier to set up your website as well as keeping the setup cost low.

For the most part, your website’s maintenance consists of security and software updates and making sure your site continues to work smoothly.

Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. PayPal is one of the largest and most used payment processors around. It is highly trusted and very secure – all payments are handled through PayPal’s own website.

We would recommend you read our About Page as here we go into the detail of our services. This will help you to decide whether IoM.me is a good match for you and your new website.
We are a family friendly network!

Sign Up Questions

Yes of course! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

No problem – you do not actually need a PayPal account to pay our invoices through PayPal. However it is very easy and free to set up an account – so why not just do it?

If you have a specific type of website in mind – please contact us via our contact page before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, you certainly can. We can set your site to be private so only people with their own login details can view the content – this is great for family sites! You can select this option when signing up.

Yes, you certainly can use Capital letters in your web address (they do help make it easier to read). You can also use numbers and hyphens ( – ) but no spaces or full stops.

Yes, you can use your own domain with our service, please contact us for more information. It would also be useful if you include, in your enquiry the domain name you would like to use.