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Offering an easy and affordable way for everyone on the Isle of Man to have a web presence!

The network offers:

  • Everything you need to get a great website up and running
  • No tie-ins  – you may cancel at any time
  • Easy to use admin dashboard for managing your site – adding content and images
  • A range of plugins to add extra functionality – as you need it
  • A safe and secure network providing hosting for your website
  • Free “How To” videos and tutorials
  • Affordable Support when you need it!
  • Free from advertising (No adverts on your website or in your admin panel) is perfect for individuals, families, groups, clubs and small businesses

Start by choosing a name for your website.

We recommend that you choose your websites name carefully: try and avoid very long or difficult to spell words - as this can cause difficulty to potential visitors looking for your site using the url.

Your website will have at the end of it.
examples of website names

The name you choose will be the name of your website and once you have chosen it and signed up for an account it cannot be changed without actually cancelling and signing up for a new site.

The name you register will be yours to keep and use for as long as you continue to pay your subscriptions.

Next choose  from our range of Options and Addons to add extra features and resources to your website

Options and Addons include turning your website into a private site -  great as a private family  or members only site.

We also offer a compete setup service, affordable banner design and 1 to 1  coaching if you need a little extra help setting up, or learning how to use your new website

You can also add email accounts, extra hard disk storage or take advantage of our remote back and restore feature.

Why not view our Frequently Asked Questions, for answers to some of the more common questions or feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your needs.

You should receive a Welcome email from us containing your login details

Once you account has been verified and your new website has been setup we will send you an email with the login details for your website and  access to My.IoM*

Login in to the easy to use admin area of your new website, choose a theme you like - you can easily make a few style changes - perhaps upload an image for your banner or choose one we have provided.

When you are happy with your site design you can start adding content and images  - these can be instantly published and will be live on your site.  There is no limit to the number of pages or posts you can create.

*Visit My.IoM to view "How To" videos, submit support tickets, purchase support minutes and pay your bills.

Sign Up to getting a website with in three easy steps Here

Please find a selection of our Frequently Asked Questions below

Click here to visit our FAQ page.

Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

Pre Sales Questions is based on the WordPress platform which is a fantastic, very popular and heavily supported application designed to be easy to use and simple to publish content. network offers a fully managed platform with all the “technical stuff” taken care of.

We include a selection of tried and tested themes and plugins which we keep up to date and working correctly.

We prefer to think of our services as being affordable!

What we have actually done is remove all the additional costs generally associated with having a website and created a basic price .

You can then purchase any addon service you require.

Only paying for what you need!

My.IoM is our client area reserved for website owners.

You login to My.IoM:

  • To view our “How To” videos and articles
  • To raise support tickets
  • To purchase additional products or services
  • To recover your sites lost or mislaid login details
  • To pay or view your invoices
  • To cancel a product or service

A theme is the part of your website that determines the style, layout and colours of your website. We include a number of themes for you to use. Please click here to view our included themes.

A plugin is a separate configurable application that extends the functionality of your site . Your website will come with a number of plugins which you can enable and configure as needed (plugins are not essential to use).

We charge you for any actual time spent helping you on your site . Our Support can be purchased in increments of 15 minutes which costs you £5.00 per 15 minutes.

You are able to purchase as much or as little support as you need .

You do not need to purchase support to use and we do include numerous “How To” videos to help you find your way around using your website.


We would recommend  you read our About Page as here we go into the detail of our services. This will help you to decide whether is a good match for you and your new website.

We are a family friendly network!

Yes you can use your own domain with our service, please contact us for more information.
It would also be useful if you include in your enquiry the domain name you would like to use.