Rukovoditel Project Management Software

Our plans for 2018 include updating our website and adding some new and very exciting website plans.

Until recently we have always used Project Pier which was a lovely application, did everything we wanted – but unfortunately seems to be no longer supported (last update around 2015 – and their website is now gone!).

A quick Google brought up a great many new offerings, with an array of options, features, free trials, limited space or team members etc etc .

Doing a quick list of what we actually needed helped to narrow this all down, one of the big ones being an application we can host on our own network.

We ended up with handful of applications and I proceeded to install them one by one so we could evaluate how well they met our needs.

My short list included:

  • OrangeScrum
  • Rukovoditel
  • qdPM
  • ZenTao
  • WebCollab

I found that many of the older or more mature applications did not support php 7.0 as yet – this is a real consideration for me when choosing a new application as we really don’t want to have to support php5 any longer than necessary.

I did have a clear winner and the easiest application to deploy was Rukovoditel – the installation was a breeze and required no additional server configuration or tweaking, it was basically the case of upload, extract and complete the browser based install screen .

We have decided to use Rukovoditel to keep track of all the tasks and to do’s while updating our website and hosting packages.

These are the main reasons for this decision:

  • Easily customisable to meet our teams needs
  • Open source and free to install
  • Supports PHP 7 which older applications don’t
  • Actively under development
  • Active forum with ongoing support from the developer
  • Additional plugins bringing some interesting features – available at a small fee (not yet tried)
  • A lifetime license for plugins once acquired (a big positive)
  • Supports multiple file uploads
  • Has comments field (useful for us, recording time spent on a task etc)
  • Supports a ticketing system on a per project basis.

One small point: It does take some time to get used to all the customisation options and features. Of course, this is time well invested when you get an end result that works for you.

You will find that most of the customisation is a bit hidden away and especially if like me you have been looking at a few application. I did end up going around in circles a bit thinking ” I am sure the settings are here somewhere” – well they ARE – most of the customisation actually takes place under the Entities list – see screen capture below .



For anyone looking to replace Project Pier with a modern, up-to-date project management application , Rukovoditel looks like it can do the job.

To find out more and get your copy visit