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Take up cycling and get healthier and fitter

An initiative to encourage people of all ages and abilities to take up cycling recommences next week.

Bike 4 Life, run by Manx Sport and Recreation (MSR) offers weekly sessions around the National Sports Centre raceway. 

Ari Brooks, Sports Development Officer with MSR said:

‘We welcome those with long-term health issues and those recuperating and trying to regain fitness after illness or operation. 

‘Bike 4 Life is also suitable for those with disabilities and with reduced/little mobility, including wheelchair users, amputees and those with coordination problems. 

‘We provide a range of inclusive and specially adapted bikes including tandems, trikes, special needs bikes, hand cycles, quad bikes and mountain bikes for participants to use.

‘Bike 4 Life also welcomes individuals who have always wanted to cycle but are wary of riding on roads,’

Ari continued:

‘The NSC offers a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for those riders who want to gain more confidence while socialising with family and friends.

‘Cycling has many physical and psychological benefits. It is a healthy, low impact exercise that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.’ 

Sessions take place every Tuesday from 25 April to 29 August. They run from 1-6pm.

There are no sessions during TT fortnight.

It costs £2 per session to take part plus £2 to hire a bike. Participants are welcome to bring their own bikes.

For more information about Bike 4 Life, contact Ari Brooks on 688575 or email Ari Brooks.