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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleases contact us if you have any questions that we have not already answered.

Pre Sales Questions is based on the WordPress platform which is a fantastic, very popular and heavily supported application designed to be easy to use and simple to publish content. network offers a fully managed platform with all the “technical stuff” taken care of.

We include a selection of tried and tested themes and plugins which we keep up to date and working correctly.

We prefer to think of our services as being affordable!

What we have actually done is remove all the additional costs generally associated with having a website and created a basic price .

You can then purchase any addon service you require.

Only paying for what you need!

My.IoM is our client area reserved for website owners.

You login to My.IoM:

  • To view our “How To” videos and articles
  • To raise support tickets
  • To purchase additional products or services
  • To recover your sites lost or mislaid login details
  • To pay or view your invoices
  • To cancel a product or service

A theme is the part of your website that determines the style, layout and colours of your website. We include a number of themes for you to use. Please click here to view our included themes.

A plugin is a separate configurable application that extends the functionality of your site . Your website will come with a number of plugins which you can enable and configure as needed (plugins are not essential to use).

We charge you for any actual time spent helping you on your site . Our Support can be purchased in increments of 15 minutes which costs you £5.00 per 15 minutes.

You are able to purchase as much or as little support as you need .

You do not need to purchase support to use and we do include numerous “How To” videos to help you find your way around using your website.


We would recommend  you read our About Page as here we go into the detail of our services. This will help you to decide whether is a good match for you and your new website.

We are a family friendly network!

Yes you can use your own domain with our service, please contact us for more information.
It would also be useful if you include in your enquiry the domain name you would like to use.

Signing Up

All our orders are manually reviewed before they are accepted and in some cases we need to verify your details. This is to protect everyone using

All our websites are under “ “umbrella so your website will be

Yes you certainly can use Capital letters in your web address (they do help make it easier to read). You can also use numbers and hyphens ( – ) but no spaces or full stops.

Yes you certainly can. We can set your site to be private so only people with their own login details can view the content – this is great for family sites! You can select this option when signing up.

If you have a specific type of website in mind – please contact us via our contact page before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes you can order additional hosting space when you order or at anytime by logging into My.IoM.


We are happy to give you a call and discuss our services. is run as an online business without the need of full time sales staff and a public office. This really help keep our costs down and makes affordable.

We are happy to  call you at a mutually agreeable time and discuss your needs.

Please contact us through our contact form to request a call back

Thank you

Yes, we offer email accounts as an add-on which can be ordered when you sign up or at any stage in the future – just visit “My.IoM”.

Yes you most certainly can, however, you will need to order them separately and each site will be completely separate with different login details.

We are sorry you want to leave but you cancel at any stage – we do not have any tie-ins. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of your monthly subscription. 

To cancel your account from My.IoM – please login and cancel your service.

Please do not forget to cancel your subscription via PayPal if you set one up.

No, we normally work form Monday to Friday 9am – until about 8pm. We do occasionally work on Saturday morning but never on Sunday.

Payment Options

Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. PayPal is one of the largest and most used payment processors around. PayPal is highly trusted and very secure – all payments are handled through PayPal’s own website.

PayPal offers a subscription payment option – this means that once you set this up PayPal will automatically pay your invoice every month until you cancel this from in your PayPal account.

Subscription payments are very easy to set up. Open up your invoice from and if you have any on going service there will be a button to setup your subscription.

There are two reasons why you would not see the subscription button on your invoice. Firstly if your invoice is overdue, you are not able to setup a subscription – so just pay this months invoice and try again next month before your invoice becomes overdue. The second reason could be that the item on your invoice is a one off item and a subscription is not nessessary.

No problem – you do not actually need a PayPal account to pay our invoices through PayPal.
However it is very easy and Free to setup an account – why not just do it?!


We have designed our IoM network with security in mind and have taken steps to ensure your website uses all the latest and most affective security enhancements. Any website can be hacked – we have certainly tried not to leave any “doors or windows” open.

It is very important that you always use strong passwords (Use a combination of letters and numbers) – and that they are unique. Never share your password with anyone else. If you are worried that someone knows your password please change it immediately.

Please contact us immediately by logging into My.IoM and raising a ticket. Please include as much information as possible about the incident.

Yes we monitor the entire network and all websites are kept up to date.

Help & Support

No problem – just visit My.IoM to recover your login details.

If your website is down but you are able to visit our site that normally means that it is not a problem with our network but rather with your actual website. Please visit My.IoM and submit a ticket and we will have a look into it for you.

Our support team operates through a ticket system. Please login to My.IoM and follow the instructions on raising a ticket.

We are available to help you as you need it.

We can setup your site adding the menus and page structure – this option is available when you sign up or can be purchased separately at any stage.

Support can also be purchased in increments of 15 minutes from within your My.IoM.

We are in the process of adding “How to” videos into our Knowledgebase which is available once you login to My.IoM. These videos are designed to help you add content, upload images, create menus, create posts, activate and use widgets and change the theme and colours of your site.

If you visit your website and see a message saying “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” this normally means that we are updating your site. This message should not be there for any more than about 5 minutes at any one time.

If this message is still showing after 15 minutes – please login to My.IoM and raise a support ticket.