All About

IoM.me offers an affordable and easy way to get your very own website!

IoM has been setup so that we can easily create additional websites using our main domain name – IoM.me. Each website under the IoM.me umbrella is completely separate and is designed to have it’s own identity look and feel. There is absolutely no advertising or promotional material on your website at all  – we  only add small “Powered by IOM.me ” at the bottom of your site

We take care of the technical stuff

We handle all the technical side of your website ensuring all your files are always kept up to date and work with you to ensure your site is secure.

You Can…..

  • Add pages and posts to your website
  • Update pages and posts
  • Upload pictures
  • Change add and create menus and menu items

We can help……

  • Setup your site and add pages and menus
  • Make your site private (so only approved members can view the content)
  • Setup a multiuser site
  • Allocate extra space for your site to grow
  • Optimise your site for search engines

Who should consider using IoM.me

IoM.me is for people on Island or with serious ties to the Isle of Man. It is designed to be used by individuals, families, small businesses, organisations and groups that need an affordable and easy way to share information and a gain presence on the web.

Who should not consider using  IoM.me

  • People with “Adult Content & Images ”  –  IoM.me is a family friendly setup
  • People with hateful or abusive content  against individual, religious or ethnical groups or organisations
  • People that have never lived on the Isle of Man
  • Spammers or anyone with malicious intent or wishing to cause harm or suffering or sadness to anyone on the Isle of Man